CSOP39 Program

CSOP 39 is Seagate’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) covering equipment safety requirements for its equipment used in its production, development, or research environments in all its world wide facilities. In the 2000’s, Salus Engineering International was instrumental in supporting Seagate in setting up this program. We are one of the few Seagate approved equipment evaluators.  Salus Engineering has years of experience working with the Seagate team in all their facilities in Europe, Asia and the US. Their engineering equipment suppliers are also worldwide. As well as providing design review and CSOP39 assessment services, we also present training courses for the Seagate audience on a regular basis.

CSOP39 is based on SEMI S2, but has been designed to meet Seagate’s needs while keeping the program implementation cost effective. While the objective of this program is to cover the essential safety elements that are covered by SEMI S2, the reporting structure has been greatly reduced. Essential areas include electrical safety, chemical safety, ventilation, mechanical hazards, interlocking, emergency off, ergonomics, fire protection, robotics, radiation, and lasers.  Because of our long history with this program, Salus Engineering International can support equipment manufacturers in finding the quickest and least costly path to satisfying these requirements. The ultimate goal is to ensure Seagate receives high quality production equipment that meets essential safety requirements.