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Salus Engineering International provides worldwide environment, health, and safety (EH&S) services and experts to meet the needs of manufacturers of semiconductor fabrication equipment and other technology driven equipment manufacturers and equipment users. Salus is recognized by the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers as providing audits that contribute to the safety of the complex machinery that they buy. Onsite training in practical application of design for safety that is integral to SEMI S2 is a service that we provide worldwide. Some of our core services include SEMI S2 Evaluations, Electrical Safety Design Review and Field Labeling in North America, CE Marking Audits, Process Hazard Analysis, Ergonomics (SEMI S8), Industrial Hygiene Assessment and Testing for Chemical and Physical Hazards, Regulatory e-filing for Machines with Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation, and Ventilation Testing.

Salus Engineering International offers unique value to our clients by providing access to an integrated group of technical experts in all critical engineering disciplines, and by doing so in a flexible way in order to meet specific client needs.

Salus Engineering International has systems put in place to turn the desire for technical excellence into a reality.

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Introducing Salus Engineering International's Design for SEMI S2 Compliance Online Training Courses

Salus Engineering International’s traditional “Design for SEMI S2 Compliance" training has been very popular over the years, and we have presented it worldwide. Our new online training integrates audio with explanatory graphics, which permits engineers taking the training to log on and off the training to proceed at their own pace and to suit their own schedules. All online training is supported by mini quizzes integrated into the training so engineers can test their own mastery of the material as they proceed sections. Each course ends with a test which will permit the engineer to be certified as having successfully passed the course. In addition, the online training courses are supported by study guides which include the training slides as well as detailed written explanatory material to help the engineer learn and apply the concepts and requirements. These study guides provide an invaluable reference resource long after the course has been completed.

Online Training

COVID-19: Changing The Way We Work

Many of our plans have been interrupted by the Coronavirus Pandemic: equipment safety evaluations across Asia, Europe and America; international training events; face to face meetings for development of safety standards; etc. Despite this, Salus Engineering International continues to support our clients with equipment safety assessments in accordance with SEMI S2 and its supporting standards, and the European Safety Directives for Machinery and Low Voltage. People are at the heart of our technical expertise and that of the complex machine manufacturers. Conducting audits while keeping individual safety and complying with contact and travel regulations is fundamental to our services.

Salus Engineering International is conducting Remote Realtime Evaluations using video and audio platforms to inspect the detailed physical construction of the systems and direct machine safety testing as we would if we were onsite.

The implementation of Remote Realtime Evaluations while the restrictions of the pandemic are in place are supporting our clients in their need to complete safety audits prior to shipping to their customers. Many in the complex machinery industry – semiconductor, disc drive, solar energy, storage batteries – have been designated as Essential Services and Salus is supporting them. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us!

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